Regular Full-Unlimited Curling

A curler would purchase a Regular or Full Membership unless their circumstances allows for a lesser membership level.  Regular or Full Membership allows a curler to curl in an UNLIMITED number of leagues. Locker included.

They may also SUB/SPARE in ANY league as well. Kitchen Priveledges on league nights, Beverages, Voting Rights, Free Practice on open sheets, and USCA membership (which includes the Curling News Magazine and allows for participation in Bonspiels) are also included. 



 **If you ONLY curl in "Only" league or if your association with the club falls under a different classification, a Regular Full Membership would not be appropriate.



MWF Daytime Recreation Only

MWF Daytime Curlers-Only  All Ages.  Gathering begins around 8:30 for coffee then play at 9:00.  Locker is included.


Friday Mixed Only

For curlers who wish to only curl in the Friday Evening Mixed.  Locker is included.


Sunday Recreation Only

For Curlers who only wish to curl in the Sunday Recreation League.  Locker is included.


Tuesday Morning Ladies Only

For Lady Curlers who will only curl in the Tuesday Morning Lady's League.  Locker is Included.



Student Membership--enrolled at least 1/2 time at an institution of higher learning.

Registrar's Report Required



Social Membership--No Curling Privileges are granted.  Ideally for a Wausau Curling Club Alumnus or a Curling Center Sponsor.


WCC Honorary Green Jacket Lifetime

Honorary "Green Jacket" Lifetime--As bestowed upon by the Wausau Curling Club for dedicated life of service to the club.

$120.00 Discount on Regular Full Dues


Junior-- Under Age 21


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Are you new to the sport of curling? Want to give it a try? Interested in becoming a member of the Wausau Curling Club? We're always looking to welcome new members to our club. Please view our League Description page and make sure to sign-up for our Learn-to-Curl sessions. For more information or email us with your questions. Good Curling!