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Sunday Flex-time Open Recreation League

Contact League Chair Jeff Ziegel @ [email protected]

Sunday Recreation League is a fun, social league.  Great for beginners, the focus is on fun and usually food!  Early in the season they schedule around the Packers so that no one missed the gridiron action.  After the season they settle into somewhat of more consistent schedule.  This league fills quickly as well with 18 teams max.

MWF Open Morning Recreation League

Contact League Chair Camille Anderson @ [email protected]

MWF Morning Recreation curling is a pickup league open to any paid member of the Wausau Curling Club. Great for Seniors or those who have a little free time in their morning schedules.  Teams are formed each session and positions are rotated after each end allowing each player a chance to experience playing each position. Paid members can just show up for any session and be assigned to a team. This is a casual fun league for the pure joy of curling.  Coffee on hand and light fare on hand after curling. 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday       9:00AM - 11:00AM

Monday 5:30 - Men's Dinner League

Contact League Chair George Goyke @ [email protected]

Monday Men's is a VERY popular league that fills fast!  Similar to Tuesday and Wednesday Men's they play at 5:30 and quite often competing teams share a dinner afterwards.  This league has 18 teams with 2 bye teams every week.

Monday 7:30 - Open Developmental Draft League

Contact League Chair Todd Goetsch @ [email protected]

The Developmental Draft is designed as a league for all curlers--experienced curlers, intermediate curlers AND beginners.  It is a great place for curlers graduating out of our Wed Rookie League as well to move up a position or two as well as curlers who want to develop their skills as a skip.  Teams are DRAFTED by skips, so if you're team is breaking up but you still want to curl, this might be a good option too!  During the second half of the season, teams re-draft so that you get a new teammates.  Pare this league with some Monday Night Football and you've got a great Monday night!

Tuesday 9:00 am - Women's Morning League

Contact League Chair Theresa O'Leary @ [email protected]

Are you a woman that is free on Tuesdays?  This is the league for you!  We are always looking for avenues of opportunity for more women curlers and this is one of them.  Retiree? Mom with kids in school?  Professional with a flex schedule?  All are a perfect fit along with some physical activity and the culture and social interaction of curling.

Tuesday 5:30 - Men's Dinner League

Contact League Chair George Goyke @ [email protected]

This Men's league has grown over the past few years with Monday and Wednesday being full so quickly.  Similar to the Monday and Wednesday 5:30 leagues, competing teams are often found sharing dinner after their matches. 

Wednesday 5:30 - Men's Dinner League

Contact League Chair George Goyke @ [email protected]

A very popular league that fills FAST!  This Men's league is similar to our Monday and Tuesday 5:30 Men's leagues in that competing teams often will be found sharing dinner afterwards.  18 Teams fill this league and each night there are 2 bye teams.

Wednesday 7:30 - Open Rookie/Beginner League

League Chair: Susan Sandquist [email protected]


A great league to "break the ice".  This league is designed as a two-year development league for new curlers.  As a new 1st year curler, this league would allow you two years of curling in the league before you would move on to the next step.  As a new curler you typically begin in either the "lead" or "2nd" position on a team and then we place you with at least 1 experienced curler--your "Skip"-- who will help your development as a curler throughout the season.  The "third" or "vice-skip" is often and experienced curler but can also be a new curler as well. 

**Note--Entirely Rookie Teams of 4 players will NOT be allowed, we will work with you on making sure you play with a friend or two (maybe 3) and can switch throughout the season, but there will always be an experienced player on your team.  We do this to help you because there is a lot to learn both on the ice and off and we find that your experience will be more enjoyable this way. 

Thursday 5:30 - Ladies Night League

Contact League Chair Theresa O'Leary @ [email protected]

Looking for a night out with the ladies?  Consider this league!  Note the time.  This is the only Dinnertime league at the curling center for the ladies!  With play beginning at 5:30 and ending around 7:30, a social pot luck dinner with your teammates is all you need to top the evening off right!  Do you have a couple friends too?  We will work with you on a team!

Thursday 7:30 - Men's League

Contact League Chair George Goyke @ [email protected]

Note the time on this men's league, it is the only late men's league at the curling center.  Makes for a fun Thursday evening and afterwards, curlers are often hanging out and watching the Thursday Night Football game.

Friday 6:15 - Mixed League

Contact League Chair Chuck Miller @ [email protected]

Fun and competitive way to end the week and kick off the weekend!  This highly-desirable Open league often fills fast and teams often consist of 2-3 couples with the third couple rotating or used as a "sub" couple. 

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